Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

 My "Crumb" quilt won second place for viewers choice in the "small traditional" category at the Longmont Quilt show. I made the quilt out of small paper-pieced blocks made by myself, my mom and my sister-in-law. Mom came up with this idea and the 3 of us made blocks for one year and then exchanged them the next year. We each designed our own quilt and this is what I came up with.
 The blocks were made out of "crumb" (meaning small) scraps from previous projects.
 This quilt is called "In My Garden" and I started it 2 years ago and just finished it after Christmas. It was started at a class my mom taught in Riverside CA. Everyone in the class brought 6" squares and 10 "x 2.5" strips to share. We brought fabrics that were things you would find in a garden like flowers, leaves, vegetables, fruit, bugs, birds etc. We exchanged squares with each other and then started sewing---so much fun and I love how it turned out!


  1. Hi, Dana - love your quilts! It's always fun to catch up with you.

    1. Thank you, I miss all of you in Riverside!!

  2. We miss you at RCQG! I recognize the "Garden" quilt and congratulations on your award for the crumbs. Way to go!